Perry Golf & Country Club Menís Golf League Rules

1.       Following USGA Rules for on course play

2.       If Country Club dues or League Dues are not paid by WEEK 2, points will not be awarded to the entire team, not just the player points of the unpaid player.

3.       If a team does not field a full team, they do not qualify for the 4th point for team total. The players that are present can still win individual points in the match.

a.       If a team has one player, that player will compete against both opposing golfers, points are earned or lost for each match.

b.       If no players for a team are present, the non-forfeiting team must still complete the round. They will automatically win a point each for team total and holes won. Each player will play against their own handicap, plus 1 stroke, to earn individual points.

4.       Out of bounds are marked with a fence, rope, or white stakes. Private property behind # 2 and #8 greens are considered out of bounds.

5.       Local rule: If a player tees into the pond on #2, they may re-hit from the drop area in front of senior tee box. If the second shot goes into the pond, the player may lay across the pond to the drop area, laying 4 strokes. This rule also applies to the pond or native grass from the #3 tee box.

6.       You must be 55 years old to play in Senior League.

Weather Rules

1.       In the case of a rain out, the week will not be made up.

1a.- In the case of a special circumstance in weather (Derecho), the Country Club board can vote on extending play a week

2.       In the case of rain after the start of league play, if ALL teams within a Division (3,4 or5 pm) finish, the week will be counted for that time division. If even one team does not finish, the night will not count.

3.       Decision on cancellations are made by the League Commissioner and the Course Superintendent.

Playoff Qualifications

1.       In order to qualify for the playoffs, each member on each 2 person team, must participate in at least 50% of the number of nights played in a half.

2.       In the case a player is not able to participate due to injury, another player can fill in and be playoff eligible for the playoffs if the player has played at least 50% of the league matches for the qualifying half. This rule is only available in the case someone is Physically Unable to Perform

3.       Substitute players are not allowed in the playoff. If a team is unable to fill their playoff spot, the next qualifying team will be contacted and given the opportunity to take the available spot, and so on down the standings for the appropriate half.

4.       If a player moves and is no longer able to play or must leave town due to work, this team will not qualify for the playoffs.

5.       If a playoff match is tied after 9 holes; holes #1-3 will be played and sudden death starting on #4, using handicap strokes per hole.